Sounding the Land

A significant agricultural project is happening off the road between Longoio and Gombereto. Giuseppe, our timber merchant has bought a piece of land and wants it to produce some market crops. I think the latest idea is to grow strawberries. But at the moment the land has to be cleared and levelled.

An old collapsed stone wall is being re-erected with considerable skill:

A ‘sondaggio’ was in progress when I visited there yesterday. I asked the workmen what it was and they said that they were testing the lie of the land to see if there was water available underneath it. It seems a major project. It would be strange if they found oil instead!


The morning sky as seen from our bedroom window presents a different aspect each morning. The weather looks very variable as the autumn season establishes itself (no leaves have fallen as yet) and the temperature gradually lowers.

Here is the sky after the great early morning storm a couple of days ago.

And here it yesterday morning:

And this morning.


With such spectacles who needs breakfast TV?




One thought on “Sounding the Land

  1. Hey there you still seem to have your head above the clouds love the cat watching you! Well I thought that the whole project was different that it was a sort of agri turismo that was being planned well the hay stack looks interesting old fashioned! Impressive machinery around there too but you know there is a simpler method of seeking out water it is called radamente or water diviner but as happened with our project we found out it was too deep below the ground so my idea was the water hole to catch water however I feel that we have to improve this.

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