The Fifth Flight of the Butterfly!

Last night’s ‘Volo Della Farfalla’ at Bagni di Lucca’s Teatro Accademico was the best yet. The mix of dance, song and drama completely captured the capacity audience’s attention and the applause at the end of the show was loud and long.

Local lad Stefano Girolami had a promising theatrical career ahead of him when in  2010  his life was tragically cut short by Ewing’s sarcoma. ‘Il volo della farfalla” is an annual theatrical show in Bagni to remember him and to raise funds for research into the disease at Bologna medical school.

What were the show’s highlights? Every act was, in fact, a highlight starting with the incredibly proficient Albachiara rhythmic gymnastics team. This kind of sport is not something I am fully cognisant about and, frankly, is not an activity I would normally drive miles to see. But the young girls of the group, all well under fifteen, performed stunningly. A sequence of tableaux, each one depicting different scenes from the beach to the street was admirably done.

Albachiara had the audience swept off it feet. I could not believe that such young people could memorize so well the complex choreography they had to perform and their acrobatic movements were more than a little balletic.

The second act was a singing trio with a brilliant guitarist. The fact that this part was improvised at the last minute did not detract from its excellence.

09262015 029

The drama which rounded off the evening called ‘dieci metri quadrati’ (ten square feet) was written and produced by Laura Caressa and Giulia Olivieri and was a sort of Italian version of ‘Huis Clos’ with some quite amusing scenes.

09262015 034

Local and international tenor Claudio Sassetti rounded off the evening by presenting awards to the various participants. Modestly, he chose not to sing, leaving the limelight firmly on the performers.

Euro 25,000 has now been collected by the show so far for research into the rare disease which Stefano Girolami died from – no mean achievement! We look forward with anticipation to next year’s show which always takes place on the last Friday of September.

Bravissimi tutti – especially Leda and husband, parents of Stefano, who decided to remember him in this wonderful, joyful way!

And don’t forget – the sixth flight of the butterfly is on next year on the last friday (as usual) of September!


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