Back to Toyland

Yesterday at Bagni di Lucca Villa was a day when we all become children in ‘Il Paese dei Balocchi (Toyland)’ returning for the fourth time running.

I’ve already written about last year’s event at

So what was new this year? There was a nice demonstration of wool carding using traditional techniques:

Ballo liscio (ballroom dancing) displays:

Lots of stalls including one from my friend Annalisa who displayed her ingenious handicrafts:

Children practicing stilt-walking and playing with traditional wooden toys instead of being stuck behind a video game (thank goodness):

A new sculpture exhibition in the town hall:

A totally amazing street band which combined the traditional town band with majorette style –elements all headed by a belly dancer…

Imaginative shop window displays with suitably dressed asssistants:

Face painting:

0902015 086

And a bright sunny day with a great atmosphere!

0902015 052

If you’re around our area the festa will continue today so do join in the fun!


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