Clouds with Silver Linings

The sirocco winds blowing in from the south-east and the dense cloud cover are keeping temperatures constantly mild here both by day and night.

Here are some views from our house yesterday morning. We’ve definately got our head above some clouds but below others:

The general greyness of the scene fitted in perfectly with the arrival of a new addition to our modest picture gallery yesterday. Showing Partigiano church in the background, (see my post at for more on Partigliano), it’s a pastel by that fine artist David Finkbeiner who has his studio in nearby Valdottavo. For me the painting is highly evocative and is a sort of visual nocturne.

Unlike several other works by this artist it’s not at all hard-edged but tenderly haunting.

09152015 006


The recent rains have given us a great opportunity to fill up our 1000-litre tank in our orto from our little reservoir:

There are several fruit and veg that have survived the summer drought. Regrettably, for others it’s too late.


I sometimes receive complaints that I describe events after they’ve happened and that people have missed out on them.

So here are three (for me) unmissable events this coming week-end.

The first is a performance of Catalani’s Mass:


Our choirmaster is singing in it. (If you didn’t know who Catalani was see my post at

The second event is ‘Il paese dei balocchi’, a week-end for fun and games for children from the age of 1 to 100. Here is the poster promising even illusionists and magicians:


The third is the festa Della Madonna Addolorata in nearby Gombereto. This event must go back at least a thousand years!

09142015 007

School may have started this week in our area but this is no reason to discontinue festivities. After all, despite the monsoon-like clouds, it is still officially summer!


2 thoughts on “Clouds with Silver Linings

  1. Seems odd to still talk about Summer as I have recently heard talk of snow on the Alps which seems to pre announce Wimter it all seems too confusing! Well fruit trees need a good amount of well rotted manure in November (read this just this morning on our good Lucca calendar with great receipts sayings cures moon transits and much more good investment for a calendar must get another for 2016!)so we have to go hunt some from somewhere locally or beyond! Trees need also to be pruned around the same time not our vine though else too much energy in producing branches instead of fruit it is a Black Hamburg quite a special vine we had this in London was successful there too bearing fine grapes not as sweet though they do need the sun. It would be nice to have fragolino very tasty grapes not for wine production though seems that this is prohibited but they produce a fine eating fruit. Kiwi would be an idea but need female and male plants for good stock of fruit so far I have invested in Black Hamburg Lemon and Kumquat (I have made jam and pickled some). Usually I make Quince jam but not enough this year also should have made elderberry jam or wine I simply forgot but I did not seem to see that many berries I will have to look again still time to so do seen lots of orange rowan berries for a good jelly at a friend’s I tasted a delicious uva fragolino jelly was scrumptious! I look forward to doing these next year. I am so pleased that I am not in the dog house over our overcoming our water problem idea for our orto it actually does work so this is a good solution for a lot of people of how best to collect rain water for a dry Summer the optimum is to tap ground water in the area but could be expensive as often it is deep below ground the other solution which is great for home use to catch rain water from roofs into water butts also from shed or greenhouse roofs great savings with small outlay for equipment!

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