New Chairs out of Old at Borgo

When finishing eating at il Pescatore restaurant yesterday we were given a delicious piece of cake. We said, ‘but we haven’t ordered this.’ ‘Our gift’ replied the waitress. ‘It’s Borgo a Mozzano’s festa della Madonna today.’

Another festa della Madonna? We decided to take a look. The Fiera or market was starting up. Stalls selling a variety of handicrafts, second-hand goods and some food were spread out along the high street.

There were some good idea for making scarecrows:

Who’s the real one here?

09092015 029

I especially liked these feline headrests suitable for long journeys.

There was also an exhibition of chair art which was amusing and gave us ideas of what to do with our less attractive chairs.

09092015 069

This chair, for example, was inspired by memories of childhood.

09092015 061

Here’s a nice garden chair:

09092015 078

Here is a Fibonacci sequence chair:

09092015 074

Here’s a Finnish one:

09092015 049

This one is a philosophical chair, good for pondering on the meaning of life:

09092015 082

What do you think the following chairs are evocative of?

There was an art show with pastel pictures by that doyen of artists, David Finkbeiner, in the local library. The pictures were somewhat difficult to photograph because of the glass reflection, however:

One finds out many things happening by chance in Italy. Even walking through a familiar town like Borgo can bring pleasant surprises. Behind the main street with its stern tall houses we walked down an almost countryside-like lane.

That’s the fascination of life: discovering the unfamiliar in the familiar.



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