It’s Lucca’s Murabilia Time Again!

Murabilia, Lucca’s second major garden festival, began yesterday and continues until Sunday. We visited it yesterday as rain is threatened for today. As yet, however, despite an overcast sky, we haven’t felt a single drop of it falling.

The area covers two bulwarks, the wall between them and a lower part enabling free entrance into Lucca’s botanical gardens which have been considerably smartened up as they had to be after the disastrous whirlwind at the beginning of March this year. Happily, a large number of historic trees have been able to be saved, including the gardens’ majestic cedar of Lebanon.

The festival also continues under the walls themselves in the secret galleries. Exhibitions about ancient apple varieties and fishing techniques on the Serchio were particularly fascinating.

I’ve already described this festival several times before in my blog and, happily, its format and contents remain the same. To read more about Murabilia see

I’ll just add a few more photos of this delightful event. Photographs are by courtesy of Alexandra Pettitt:


6 thoughts on “It’s Lucca’s Murabilia Time Again!

  1. Loved the Murabilia most interesting as usual with so many flower specimens to admire and buy at reasonable prices. We limited ourselves in purchasing 3 herb plants that had sadly died on us too much watering it seems like the Leander plant needs minimum of water unlike kiwi that requires masses of water. The side shows are always interesting as is the visit to the Orto Bottanico even if it is just to stroll through this amazing collection of trees and plants. The whole area was ablaze with colour to delight and feast the eyes and senses and soul uplifting indeed. The orchids lotus and the many other plant varieties abounded in splendid rainbow of colours. I particularly enjoyed the lady who has a stall which specializes in petal paintings amazing are the subjects and results. Honey stalls tarralli lavender pepper products as well as liquorice abounded as well as perfumes soaps seeds bulbs zucchini of amazing proportions and shapes. But best of all we treated our goldfish to a water purifying plant which they are enjoying as it also offers shade and shelter from the sun incidentally I managed to save our larger goldfish with mouth to mouth resuscitation a year ago as he was belly up he is now thriving and happy with added oxygen in the tank!

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