Is Milan’s Expo 2015 Worth It?

The short answer is yes, it is worth visiting Expo 2015. It’s a brilliant experience with some beautifully presented pavilions built in a variety of innovative architectural styles and, somehow, the message of helping to feed the world using earth-friendly techniques does get through.

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But be warned, expo requires at least two days in Milan, stamina, a good pair of walking shoes, an ability to withstand the great temperature changes that fascinating city is prone to and the patience to endure long queues for some of the most exciting pavilions.

If you haven’t visited Milan before then expo should be combined with a visit to this seriously under-rated Italian city which is jam-packed with great historical sites from ancient Roman columns through one of the most spectacular of Europe’s gothic cathedrals to wonderful museums and fabulous art nouveau buildings.

We stayed in a perfectly adequate hotel near porta Venezia which enabled us to get to the expo site at Rho quickly using the urban rail system.

Many may ask which are the best pavilions to visit. It’s all a matter of taste! We loved the Thai one with a shop where one could  choose ready prepared Thai food and have it micro waved for you. The UAR had both amazing desert simulating architecture by Foster and a moving show within. Nepal was touching with its ornate temple built in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake it has recently suffered. Japan was great with both virtual and live shows and a good restaurant.The coop’s supermarket of the future was awesome as was also the robotic bar, shaken but not stirred. Indonesia, Angola and several others also impressed.

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We stayed for the evening on our first day there to see the spectacular tree of life show by the Italian pavilion which had a superb mirror covered area displaying the best of this country’s attractions


Art critic Sgarbi’s selection of unusual Italian works of art must also not be missed.

Throughout the expo we were glad of the fountains distributing both still and carbonated water freely. How lucky we are to have this precious element!

It was fun to have our ‘passport’ stamped with the countries we visited. In some cases with remote south Pacific islands the stamp was actually drawn by the host.

There certainly was an awareness of how precious our planet’s resources are and the need to conserve them. There was also an awareness of the wealth disparity of so many countries. The gulf states really splashed out on their pavilions while some of the smaller African states and countries like Yemen and Afghanistan had to make do with standardized wooden cubes and were largely concerned in selling their crafts.

It’s so sad to realise that so much of the world’s wealth is spent on totally futile activities like those creating Europe’s present refugee crisis. So many Arab states have rapidly expanding economies clamouring for more Labour force that they too should be able to ease the pressure off Europe.

What is clear, however, is that expo 2015 is literally  giving us food for thought and that the next big expo will take place in one of those vastly changing Arabic states.

So do go to expo 2015 if you can but realise that, in the end, Milan’s finest attraction is the extraordinary city itself.



One thought on “Is Milan’s Expo 2015 Worth It?

  1. A truly awesome event which leaves you breathless and speechless the vegetables and fruit costumed people as well as several characters come to life during the daytime there are other musical side shows to entertain and enjoy during the visit which is quite gruelling as the distances are so vast between pavilions that you may wish to visit some as the chocolate rice coffee are closely bunched together and easily accessible. Certainly a week is needed to visit most of the pavilions due to the queues and more time is needed to take in information but you are urged to keep moving it would be nice to return to get a fuller picture of the other pavilions that we had to not visited due to tiredness and lack of time but on the whole we managed to visit most of what we wanted. Maybe more seating would alleviate those tired feet around the pavilions especially where the waiting time is lengthy also despite the canopy the temperature is pretty high so it is essential to drink lots of water! The sunsets are great there and best seen from the tops of the pavilions garden areas or restaurants. You do end up with information overload inevitably as you try to cram it all in those few hours but despite the pun it is certainly a grand opportunity for food for thought! Thailand seems to be best equipped to feed the world and has won very many prizes and recognition in the field due to excellence and dedication of.a hands on King who certainly deserves our appreciation and admiration for his untiring efforts a fine example for the other participating Nations of Expo 2015!

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