Val di Lima and the Mediaeval Festa

This Saturday the mediaeval festa comes to Val di Lima at Gombereto. Here is its poster designed by local artist Kety Bastiani:


However, there was a time when the Val di Lima boasted three annual mediaeval feste: not just at Gombereto but also at Casoli and Lucchio.  Shortly after 2009 they were sadly discontinued. I don’t know the reason why. Many enterprises fail in Italy not merely because of financial problems but also because of organizational difficulties.

Casoli, (described by Debra Kolkka at, had a particularly colourful mediaeval festa with great attendance and many costumed participants. There was also a re-enactment of the time that Casoli was saved from the Florentine enemy by the bravery of two girls using a cunning plan (not Baldrick’s!).

The following photographs go back ten years. I had only just become a permanent resident in the Val di Lima and this was probably my first mediaeval festa.

Some of my followers may recognize themselves in these now historic pictures….

It was, I feel, a happier time not just for Casoli, not just for the Val di Lima, not just for Italy but also for Europe. We knew nothing then of any impending financial crisis and the, now daily, terrible things happening to the surge of emigrant fleeing from impossible situations in other continents.

It’s so important to be positive about life but it’s getting much more of a challenge to be so now. It’s a comforting, nostalgic experience to look back at how we were just ten years ago.

All praise must, therefore, be due to Claudio Geminiani for his great efforts in keeping our last mediaeval festa going despite so many obstacles.

Here are some photographs of a show at Gombereto’s mediaeval festa I attended ten year ago!

The festa is free entrance. You can buy a food ticket (18 euros) and great entertainment is guaranteed, as usual, with the traditional Sbandieratori (flag twirlers), a re-enactment of the knighting of a mediaeval prince and plenty more.


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