To La Serra with a Cat

Now that the weather has cooled down considerably it’s become much more a pleasure to take a walk.

Yesterday we did a local circular tour which brings one to La Serra (‘pass’) where there’s a little chapel which’ve already written about at and at

It’s a nice walk and our tortoiseshell little Carlotta accompanied us (or we accompanied her!). Carlotta is now three years old.

08242015 011

How Carlotta adopted us is described in my post at

Fortunately, those cat hazards, dog and car were almost unspotted.  Carlotta seemed unphased even by some impressive goats.

We are glad to know that the wandering Giuliano, who lives near the goats and who walked for miles and used to be met everywhere in our area but who was unfortunately knocked down by a car while crossing on a pedestrian crossing (!) earlier this year at Chiffenti is well on the way to recovery.

There are some lovely long views across to Longoio, other villages and the Prato Fiorito on this walk.

We passed the fountain with a strange head carved on it:

When we reached the pretty little chapel we were made aware of how lucky it had been to avoid serious damage from the March hurricane.

Nearby there were scene of devastation to remind us of how strong the wind had been at this spot.

We then returned to our village following a slightly different route:

This morning its Bartholomew’s fair at Bagni di Lucca. Unfortunately it’s a really cloudy start to the day since overnight there were violent thunderstorms.

There is a slightly autumnal feel in the air already and soon that quintessential Italian season of mushroom collecting will start and, of course, la Vendemmia too.




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