Two New Must-See Exhibitions in Bagni di Lucca Villa

Even in our area there are so many events happening that clashes are bound to occur and decisions made as to what to take part in.

In the town hall foyer, now, thanks to the efforts of San Cassiano artist Kety Bastiani, turned into an art gallery, the exhibitions continued with a new one which opened on the 21st.

23082015 024

No, it wasn’t the retrospective of a local sculptor as originally described in the events folder but, instead, a photographic exhibition by Alberto Della Discendenza Coppola entitled ‘La realtà diventa sogno’ (reality become a dream).

23082015 002

All photograph were taken using analogue film (remember that?) and involved absolutely no tampering with digital aids like Photoshop etc. The clever use of double exposure, dark-room developing techniques produced results that went beyond reality. This was the theme of the display. As the invention of photography in the nineteenth century meant that artists were no longer strictly bound to imitate the reality around them but could, in fact, perceive the world beyond this reality, so too, photography has now reached a maturity which enables it to transcend immediate reality.

A picture is worth a thousand words so here is a small selection of what we saw yesterday.

Even an electricity pylon against a sunset can become an evocative image. Reflections in an upturned glass reveal subconscious images. A seagull against a lonely marshland becomes a symbol of solitude and longing…

Coppola’s exhibition runs until 4th September and is open, Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 2 pm.

A second exhibition opened at 6 pm in the Sala Rosa of the Circolo dei Forestieri. Curated by Rebecca Palagi and Luca Guidi, they juxtaposed paintings by Michelangelo Cupisti with poems selected by Luca Guidi reflecting the mood of the paintings in words.

Rebecca Palagi is well-known to those who attended her stunning monologue on Eleonora Duse presented on International Women’ day earlier this year, for her equally imaginative recreation of Shelley’s last days mentioned in my post at: and for her appearance at our Browning riverside walk  evening described at

Who was Cupisti? Michelangelo Cupisti was a Viareggian painter who died aged 77 in 2012. He developed to new sensibilities the tradition of nineteenth century landscapists and some of his most haunting works depict the coastline of the Versilia and the Maremma. Cupisti was also a great still-lifer and his paintings of flowers have a sort of Morandi-post-impressionist feel about them. They are all expressions of a painter whose posthumous reputation can only increase world-wide.

Mayor Betti presided at the opening of this exhibition.

23082015 067

It was really unfortunate that just a handful of people attended the opening of the exhibition which is well worth investigating.

Cupisti’s exhibition runs until September 5th and is open 10am-1 pm and 3-6 pm daily.

The third event which we were unable to attended was a book launch by Sergio Talenti, he of the film projected in the camera oscura during the Bagni di Lucca Festival, followed by a concert given at San Cassiano. A friend we met later described the concert as exquisite, especially the flute playing. There again, however, she stated that attendance was disappointing.

All these events are free, are easily reached and have been publicised. Signs abound in bars where attendance is certainly not disappointing! Here are just a few events coming up now, for example:

It seem to me also that 6 pm is not a very propitious hour for events in Italy (unless they are in the open air and clearly visible to everyone). Nevertheless, it is sad that with such an influx of tourists in the area (especially from Britain where the euro pound exchanges is much to the brit’ advantage) attendance at these events displaying verve and creativity seems so poor.

There should be absolutely no complaints about feeling bored here!


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