Black Pudding Pappardelle

The unnatural heat continues and, in the words of one friend “it was still too hot even at 7 p.m.  I am not liking this weather and do not go out after 10 am and before 7.30 pm”.

For two days we haven’t had any water either unless we walk up the hill to the spring. We’re washing ourselves cat-fashion with a flannel. We’ve still got some water in our rain-gathering tubs so the garden isn’t suffering too much. The animals have their water. But the heat’s going to our heads a little bit now!

Our cats are all sleeping outside as although our house is stone-built it is still too hot for them. We are, however, promised a spot of rain on Monday and then all hell might be let loose with landslides and floods. Hopefully not, however, although it’s quite true that the weather in Italy has changed a lot since I first landed here ten years ago.

It may seem, therefore, somehow perverse that I’m presenting a hot dish which went down well with us yesterday as it combined both English ingredients with Italian ones.

The dish is called “Black Pudding pappardelle”


Black pudding from the UK (otherwise known as blood sausage). If you can’t find it in Italy then biroldo will go down equally well. If you live in such countries as Finland, Estonia, Mongolia, Poland or the eastern provinces of Canada then there will also be similar types of sausage.

08082015 003

Pappardelle pasta from Italy. Pappardelle are one of my favourite pasta shapes, broad and looking like wren nests when taken from its wrapping.

08082015 002


Slice the black pudding and lightly fry. Six thin slices will amply do for two people

Cook the pappardelle for 8 minute in boiling water.

Drain the pappardelle and mix with the black pudding.

Grated parmesan may be added if wished.

08082015 001

Condiment as wished and wash down with a strong beer.

08082015 005

I’m sure that many typically English ingredients could be usefully combined with Italian ones to form a new kind of Englitalian cuisine

I wonder if you too indulge in these mixtures. How about ciabatta cheddar cheese toast, for example, or baked bean and wild boar?

The possibilities are endless though today looks to be even hotter than yesterday and temperatures could really favour a cold mackerel and tomato salad!

It’s also my birthday today. Perhaps I’ll treat myelf to some fish and chips in Barga instead!


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