Fishy Business at Bagni di Lucca’s Arts Festival

The Art Festival finishes soon and I’ve barely written about half the thing I’ve seen. Some people might find this a blessing but there are so many good things here that those not living around here are missing.

I loved this installation by Pieroni in the cellar by the river. My wife is a Piscean and I’m sure when she’s back she’ll have a great time seeing it.

I wonder how many species you can recognise you expert ichthyologists!

One thought on “Fishy Business at Bagni di Lucca’s Arts Festival

  1. Well actually I have already seen this and my favourite fish is not featured here it is the wooden fish in the entrance as I like the idea of achieving creatures with wood this greatly appealed to my inner being so we will have to post that photo asap and it is certainly a fun presentation of fishy beings well observed or imaginary in fact on closer viewing of photosI think the wooden fish is the large brown one featured already above. Thanks to a fun fishy item! But word of warning a couple of weeks ago I ended up covered in itchy spots on my right arm after having eaten fish in B di L doc stated could be insect bite but I was also told from Pharmacy could be allergy it is too hot to eat non fresh fish maybe now the itchy spots seem to have gone although the marks are still visible however a friend nearby seems to have been bitten by a spider and ended up in a similar situation so forearmed is forewarned sorry about the pun. Furthermore the trouble is you can get Piriton tablets for allergies and there is also a tablet that does not give drowsy side effects but best maybe for the itch is the old remedy calamine lotion to be found nowhere not even in the old English Pharmacy Boots have this in the UK

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