La Cova

This is my fountain of life. It saves me as it’s saved so many from the past: from ancient Romans to Michel de Montaigne, to Shelley and to Puccini with their stomach complaints, their neuroses, and their over-indulgences.

Its waters are hot, soothing, pure, coming from the entrails of a volcanic mountain and they will cure everything from kidney stones to most stomach complaints. And it’s free! Just stop and drink….

07292015 002

Every winter as I scooter down the extra-cold high street of Ponte a Serraglio to my various activities teaching English they save my hands from freezing. I always stop there and their warmth is balm to my spirit.

With water at 37.1 degree centigrade it’s great for one’s digestion, for one’s one-too-much G & T and, strangely enough (when cooled down a little), for one’s tomatoes in the orto.

Long live La Cova waters! It’s one of the finest reasons for living here. I could never be elsewhere now.

07292015 001

“You really got me” (Bagni di Lucca) as the Kinks sang in that wonderful song by Ray Davies.

I wish I could paint the extraordinary green colour as the sulphuric waters hit the hard magmaic stone. Artists you have a go!

07292015 001-001

PS La Cova means “brood”.

“Covare” is when hens (or my ducks) lie over their eggs waiting for them to hatch. Might be a useful beverage for those wanting kids?


2 thoughts on “La Cova

  1. Good morning Francis
    We are very much enjoying the information you post. My husband John and I are coming to Ponte a Serraglio for three months beginning December and we already feel an afinity with the villages from your writings. Today’s information is really the icing on the cake – can’t wait to “test the waters!”.
    We enjoy cold weather (even though we are from Brisbane Australia) and are really looking forward to a real Winter and Christmas snow somewhere in Italy.
    Caroline and John

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