A Terraced House?

Our summer project for house-work has been completed

Our two terraces, one over the kitchen and the other over the music room have been more or less finished. Just a little bit more of painting and cleaning is required to make them truly perfect..

The work was absolutely necessary but rather more complex than at first thought. The felt under the tiles had become completely rotted leading to perpetual seepage of damp into the room below. Several items were either being, or in danger of, being ruined including books and, of course, myself who am writing this in that space.

First of all, of course, the terrace had to be completely cleared of its furnishing, plants and fitments which were quite considerable.

The excellent workmen had to go through the work in the following stages:

  1. Removal of old tiles (which were anyway not particularly attractive and more suitable for inner use).
  2. Breaking up of concrete base

1. Smoothing of surface to lay new felt.

  1. Placing of grid to accept new cement.
  1. Laying of new cement (without the cats getting everywhere)

07102015 001

  1. Retiling the terraces with new tiles and special glue. Special external, slightly rough terracotta was chosen for this.

Quite apart from the tiling the iron balustrades had to be coped with. This meant, with the help of the ironsmith:

  1. Removal of balustrade
  1. Removal of two sets of stairs to other levels.
  2. Scrubbing down and repainting of balustrades and stairs. (This part was largely carried out by my industrious wife).
  3. Replacement of balustrade using the new method whereby the balustrade is placed outside the perimeter of the terrace rather than being supported on it. This clearly saves the felt from being punctured. Because of the greater extension of the balustrade extensions had to be added to it.

Furthermore, the gutters had to be replaced by new squarer ones to accommodate the “modern” method of replacing the balustrades.

We were very pleased with the price, the quality and the times taken in completing the work. Now, of course, the weather has turned rather cloudy today but at least it won’t rain into the room below anymore. Rain is due at the end of next week so we’ll see how effective the work is. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

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