Man’s Best Friend Celebrated in Bagni di Lucca

Ever got lost in a wood? Or worse, ever had one of your children lost in a forest? Fortunately, for the last fifteen years in Bagni di Lucca there’s help in the Unità Cinofila Della Croce Rossa. What this means in English is that there’s a dog rescue service to help you find your loved ones if they suddenly disappear from sight in unfamiliar places.

This essential service celebrated its first fifteen years yesterday evening in the elegant surroundings of the Casinò. In the company of the volunteers who run the service, the local dignitaries

07202015 122

and, of course, the real heroes, the dogs themselves. It was a truly pleasant evening.

Prizes and certificates were given to the volunteers and their dogs who are, of course, an amazing example of teamwork.

07202015 094

A locally produced video film showed how important this service is. The subject was a little girl who got separated from her parent in the thick forests surrounding Bagni di Lucca. Fortunately, with the help of man’s best friend followed by volunteers of the dog’s best friend, the frightened girl was found, happily safe and sound.

Every year hundreds of people get lost here, especially during the mushrooming season, and often panic, perhaps falling down ravines and gorges, thus making the jobs of the volunteers even more difficult.

Anyway, always carry a mobile with you and if you get stuck or lost in the forests phone 112 immediately for the emergency services.

After the speeches, including one by mayor Betti (which was closely followed by this attentive dog)

07202015 111

and the video, there was an exhibition with contributions of archival photos and some entries from local schools.

This was followed by a very delicious spread in the casino’s peacock room supplied by I Folletti Pizzeria.

07202015 130

I am sure that this fund raising activity brought in a deserved amount of financial support and we were glad we’d been given such a good insight in a volunteer service which involves a lot of training, patience and tact.

Evidently, the best breeds for tackling dispersed humans are sheep dogs and one of the favourite of these, is a cross breed between a dingo and an Australian sheep dog with a bit of collie thrown in..

images (2)

(There’s another example, this time short-haired, in the first picture gallery here)


4 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend Celebrated in Bagni di Lucca

  1. Not only but they are so very well behaved as the Police dogs they live with their owners the choice of dog is ones own but obviously the tried and tested breeds are the best the size of dog also matters in certain instances if the dog has to crawl into small spaces then the smaller the better also would cost less to feed it is a wonderful army of such dedicated voluntary people that share like minded interests in helping humanity and their fellow men or women or children or even no doubt other animals! The whole event started with the recitation of the 7 Virtues a very moving moment in the proceedings as well as explanatory speeches of the movement.

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