It’s Count-down time for the Bagni di Lucca Arts Festival 2015!

After the start of the exhibitions in the foyer of Bagni di Lucca town Hall, after the popular extemporary art show, comes the crowning time of the Bagni di Lucca Art festival for 2015, now in its third year!

Under the aegis of the ever-energetic artistic entrepreneur Jaqueline Varela we will shortly be treated to a great fortnight of painting, photography, sculpture, video art and (new for this year) a space for the written and spoken word.

The amount of creative talent happening this summer in Bagni di Lucca, the buzz in the air (no it’s not the mosquitoes!), the meetings, the exchange of ideas, the range of expression, the discussions, are turning our area into something resembling 1920’s rive gauche Paris (and I do NOT exaggerate).

Here is the poster for the event:



As you can see the opening night is 25th July- just ten day away. Count-down time is beginning now!

The whole area of Ponte a Serraglio is being once again re-generated.

Don’t forget areas get re-generated not just through new jobs or new architecture but through artistic activities.

I’ve seen this happen in my old city London when such semi-abandoned area as Hoxton, Deptford and Dalston are now thriving with energy – energy that comes from hard work, progressive ideas, creative dynamism and belief in the future.

The world can (and will) become a better place. Ponte a Serraglio is already a better place. Just look at the artists, builders, decorators, craftsmen giving up their time voluntarily for a great team effort to make the place both live and be LIVE.

We await you here at Ponte a Serraglio, Bagni di Lucca, with great thing to see and do, and above all with love.


PS Do return to these pages for further updates as they happen and consult our web site at






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