More Music as Usual

Every year, the “Alfredo Catalani” Music Circle on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of the Lucca composer whose name it bears, is organizing a concert on August 6th, at 9 pm in the beautiful setting of Villa Bernardini, (S. Michele in Escheto), joining the music with the same period in which the villa was built.


The performers, as usual, are professionals and international artistes: mezzo soprano Alessandra Marianelli and Kamelia Kader, accompanied on piano by Laura Pasqualetti, joined by violinist Enrico Bernini and ballerina Annamaria Lazzeri. Choreography by Loredana Bruno. Introduction is by Daniele Rubboli. Remember that on Thursday, August 13th, the “Catalani” Circle is organizing a trip to the Torre Del Lago Puccini Theatre for a concert of young pop / opera singers in “Il Volo”. Info and reservations at 347 9951581.

download (2)

(Alfredo Catalani – Lucca’s other great operatic composer)



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