The Time to Paint Comes to a Close

At Bagni di Lucca’s extemporary art competition yesterday the morning became hotter and hotter, but not uncomfortably so. Lunchtime descended upon us.

The catering was good and we booked ourselves a long table under the shady trees.

Meanwhile the painting carried on.


Chris brought two of Luna’s eleven pups and they enchanted all of us!


There were activities for children too.

The painting was now almost finished and the display easels were collected in a circle on the central lawn. Unfortunately some sudden blasts of wind meant that several easels kept on being blown down until weighed. Was there some supernatural force deciding that only those easels standing would be worthy of the highest judgement?

Not at all! The jury was now considering all the efforts in a very serious way and afterwards admitted that it was rather difficult to find a winner this year.


This is the sequence of canvases presented this year in the competition.

Among the jury architect Francesco Rondina, himself a very talented painter, was mesmerised by the colours of this particular painting.(4th place)


The winner was Cavani from Catelnuovo di Garfagnana with this  fin-de-siècle evocation of Bagni di Lucca.


Second prize went to this artist from Modena


which I felt had a very attractive use of water-colour technique. Indeed, watercolours were the strong emphasis this year with no less than six watercolourists coming from sadly earthquake-struck Mirandola, birthplace of the great neo-platonic philopher.

And third but, not least, went to this representation of Villa Fiori from yet another Modenese artist, which combined the residence’s former grandeur with its present decay.


Another grand day was enjoyed by painters and non-painters alike in the highly paintable Bagni di Lucca. Who knows I might brush on the art too, next year!


13 thoughts on “The Time to Paint Comes to a Close

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  2. Un quarto premio che poteva anche esser il primo, ma purtroppo il podio aveva solo quattro gradini e tanti artisti eccezionali sono rimasti fuori ….. vi erano dei quadri dipinti con una tecnica perfetta e quindi abbiamo scelto chi ha messo nell’opera qualcosa di più, chi ha saputo donare delle sensazioni ….. tornando alla notte stellata su Ponte a Serraglio a questo meraviglioso cielo trapuntato si contrappone il fiume dei sogni rappresentati con la grafica “psichedelica” degli anni 60-70 molto usata allora per decorare, tra l’altro, le copertine di famosi dischi rimasti nella storia …..

  3. ….. il cielo stellato infinito ….. la quiete delle case addormentate …. e sotto il fiume intricato dei sogni della gente ….. che scorre impetuoso nel greto sassoso …..proiettando la sua immagine distorta anche sui muri e sul ponte ….

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