A Time to Paint

It’s the time of year when Bagni di Lucca’s Borgo Degli Artisti association launch their competition of extemporary art.

Now in its eighth year, this event has proved to be one of Bagni’s most popular and enduring events. Long may it continue!

Summoned by the indefatigable Morena Guarnaschelli of the association I turned up this morning at 7 am (the best time of the day in semi –African heated Italy) to help out.

The shaded garden of the Villa Fiori was the little paradise where the majority of artist set up their easels to start painting their picture of the day – for it had to be completed by late afternoon.

I enjoyed seeing the painters preparing themselves up in their preferred sites, get their paint ready and start on their ideas of what and how to paint.

Here are some morning views and, yes, I’ll keep you guessing who eventually won.

As the old saying goes it’s not winning that’s important anyway – it’s the taking part!

There was a good number of hopeful entrants this year but when will it be your turn to turn up in this, one of Bagni di Lucca’ s most memorable and social events?


3 thoughts on “A Time to Paint

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