Of Water, Water-proofing and Watercolours

Evidently they are expecting motorway traffic for people filling up in one of our natural water sources at Refubbri just below Longoio. True, it’s much easier to get to the water fountain but I do miss the nice woodland walk to it. Furthermore, regularizing the river here only moves the problem of flooding further downstream. Surely the whole river course should have been looked at?

07062015 132

On the other side of the Refubbri torrent the road to Elf land has been completely banked up so Mr Elf should be happier now since his road had subsided completely with trees crashing onto it after the March whirlwind.

Those logs could make a good diving platform? Perhaps I’m exaggerating but I wouldn’t mind some rock pools built up so that we can at least cool down and stop melting completely in this heat.

I wonder how hot it’ll be on the following day. Perhaps the oils and watercolour should dry more quickly on the now-classic Bagni di Lucca extempore painting day which will take place in the garden of the ever more sadly dilapidated Villa Fiori. Will no-one buy this palatial mansion?

Meanwhile, there’s no better time to get some essential building work done back home. Both our terraces have had to be stripped down to the essentials to lay new roofing felt, which doesn’t seem to have been replaced for years and has made the rooms below them as damp as a Turkish bath. The flowers have been put away safely but the terraces do look a bit bare at present. They are also somewhat inaccessible as both staircases to them have had to be removed.

I feel like the good ant preparing for the winter already!







One thought on “Of Water, Water-proofing and Watercolours

  1. Somehow the railings look better without all the wysteria growing all over it but it does look gorgeous when in flower we will surely miss the autumn flowering well the damp proof project seems well on its way seems quite fast good workers well our Chappell piano and record collection and a painting and various other prints have gone for a burton all damp ridden as well as curtains snowflakes in the kitchens of paint a delight whilst you are cooking I think not so this should hopefully cure this malaise a high price to pay though for damp. I thought that was an ailment reserved for the UK but it seems that it can be a lot worse in Italy!

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