The Seventh of the Seventh

Water wars haven’t yet broken out here in Longoio. I’m using as much of the rain water collected In our new orto reservoir as possible and our veg and flowers are coping.

The best time to water is, of course, early morning when the soil has had time to cool down. This means, however, getting up at five. Late nights are definitely not a good idea.

It our wedding anniversary today. Permit me a photograph of the occasion:


Sadly, it’s also the tenth anniversary of the London terrorist bombings in which fifty two people lost their lives and many more had life-changing injuries.

I would like everyone reading this to read out the names of the victims from the various places where this atrocity took place and remember that they came from every part of the world (including Italy), and represented every age and every religion.


  • Lee Baisden (34)
  • Benedetta Ciaccia (30)
  • Richard Ellery (21)
  • Richard Gray (41)
  • Anne Moffat (48)
  • Fiona Stevenson (29)
  • Carrie Taylor (24)

Edgware Road:

  • Michael Stanley Brewster (52)
  • Jonathan Downey (34)
  • David Graham Foulkes (22)
  • Colin William Morley (52)
  • Jennifer Vanda Nicholson (24)
  • Laura Webb (29)

Russell Square:

  • James Adams (32)
  • Samantha Badham (35)
  • Phillip Beer (22)
  • Anna Brandt (41)
  • Ciaran Cassidy (22)
  • Elizabeth Daplyn (26)
  • Arthur Frederick (60)
  • Emily Jenkins (24)
  • Adrian Johnson (37)
  • Helen Jones (28)
  • Karolina Gluck (29)
  • Gamze Gunoral (24)
  • Lee Harris (30)
  • Ojara Ikeagwu (56)
  • Susan Levy (53)
  • Shelley Mather (25)
  • Michael Matsushita (37)
  • James Mayes (28)
  • Behnaz Mozakka (47)
  • Mihaela Otto (46)
  • Atique Sharifi (24)
  • Ihab Slimane (24)
  • Christian Small (28)
  • Monika Suchocka (23)
  • Mala Trivedi (51)
  • Rachell Chung For Yuen (27)

Tavistock Square:

  • Anthony Fatayi-Williams (26)
  • Jamie Gordon (30)
  • Giles Hart (55)
  • Marie Hartley (34)
  • Miriam Hyman (31)
  • Shahara Islam (20)
  • Neetu Jain (37)
  • Sam Ly (28)
  • Shayanuja Parathasangary (30)
  • Anat Rosenberg (39)
  • Philip Russell (28)
  • William Wise (54)
  • Gladys Wundowa (50)

These pictures, taken yesterday, of our own flowers which are receiving their water ration are both to thank my wife for being with me all these years and also in memory of those live which were never fulfilled.



Cast out upon a raft in darkest seas,

lips parched with crusted salt,

amid unending night I burn and freeze

before the next assault.


Strange creatures shine below translucent waves

but are they friend or foe?

Among the embers of Sargasso graves

I do not care or know.


There is no breath in this expiring air;

long past I’ve left the quay.

Yet might redemption be beyond despair,

could eyes begin to see?


Across the gloom a limpid torch flames out

my course upon a chart;

beyond the stars there can be now no doubt

it is your loving heart!





download (5)

(Victims’ memorial in London’s Hyde Park)



6 thoughts on “The Seventh of the Seventh

  1. God, you both were beautiful!

    As ever, thanks for your extremely entertaining and educational posts.
    And thanks for remembering the victims.

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