The Wild Bunch

I have to admit that the new arts exhibition in Bagni di Lucca’s town hall foyer is not exactly my cup of caffé macchiato.

The technique is good but the subject matter doesn’t quite agree. I’m not really into jungle animals or battered Cadillacs although I like Bianchi’s portraits whether they be modern or renaissance.

In other words, I can’t quite find a place for one of them on my wall. But then “chacun a son gout” (taste rather than the disease!).

The great thing about Daniele Bianchi is that he is largely self-taught. Born in 1974 in Camaiore he only held his first exhibition in 2005. Its title, “Dove finiscono le parole Dove inizia la pittura” included poems as well as paintings. Hence the title in English as “where words end, where painting starts.”

Recently Daniele’s started collaborating with fumetti or cartoon strips and that’s where I really feel his talent truly lies and where it should be developed. In 2011 Daniele’ collaborated with Cagliostro publishers for a far-west adventure cartoon series and again in 2012 in CROSSOVER n 0.3 Arcanum, a Turin based comics series.

Daniele’ future is certainly in the graphic arts and, who knows, we might be seeing more of him at Lucca’s world famous event “Comics and Games” this year?

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that paintings are silent words and words are aural paintings. It’s the eternal dilemma between the arts, so beautifully musicked out by Richard Strauss in his opera Capriccio: “prima le parole poi la musica?” or is it the other way round?

I’m all for synaesthesia! (If you want to know more about that subject or take a test see


PS Daniele’s paintings are on view until July 10th.



2 thoughts on “The Wild Bunch

  1. Wild bunch does not fully float my boat but hey white rabbits! I have so many projects to get on with and I feel rather stuck I need to complete my family of wooden tops I think thatI will give the highly competitive arte contemporanea estempore a miss this year as you rightly stated we no longer have wall space and actually I have painted most of the sights around and about Ponte di Serraglio except Ouida’s house with columns but in my own time not in severing heat and I would rather do the Circolo dei Forestieri the English Library/English Church and gardens those will be my future projects I have the canvas and paints and brushes ready! The other project is to paint the gesso that I found a holy water font and a couple of figures of Saints will have to research the colours to get a god finish and will ask around the paints that I will need to use in fact I remember that when I first came to the area I mistakenly thought that I too would be able to indulge in this dying craft now of course it is all mainly made in a sort of unbreakable resin rather than the classical breakable gesso well dream on!

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