Tailgaters not Admitted!

There may be worse drivers in other countries or even in the same country.

If I say that Italian drivers are good then I am really just referring to their reactions which must be good else a large number of them would have been wiped out by now.

I’m told things get progressively worse the more south one drives in this country. I still have to completely confirm that theory. Our winter in Sicily on a hired car wasn’t at all bad apart from the infernal Palermo ring road experience.

I’m largely resigned with putting up with driving standards where I am in central Italy. However, one thing neither of us can take is all-too frequent tail-gating. If the person behind us thinks we’re too slow either let them overtake us or let us try to pull in on one side and indicate to them to pass.

This is quite a normal option on our twisty, narrow mountain road to Longoio and I’ve noticed many Italian car drivers do let me overtake them if I’m on the scooter. It’s the British one that don’t allow one to overtake them by slowing down – perhaps because the UK is more of an either/or country: four wheels or two, whereas in Italy most car owners also have a scooter which they regularly use.

Tail-gating by a driver notorious for these obnoxious practice (I won’t mention their sex) got our nice little Cinquina recently pranged in the back and also misaligned our gear box. My wife holds an advanced driver’s license and has driven so many miles that if they were laid out in one line she could have easily driven to the moon (or Mars?) and back – unmistakably she had absolutely nothing to do with dynamics of the incident.

The fault was clearly with the tail-gater who, luckily, admitted full responsibility.

Thank to our excellent carrozziere who used to have his workshop in Bagni di Lucca but has now moved to larger premises just at the start of Pian di Coreglia we managed to get the gear-box fixed on the spot.

Now it’s cosmetics time and I was glad to see our Cinquina being repaired at Gabriele’s workshop by his excellent team. Hopefully, it’ll be ready soon. Meanwhile we’re cooling down on the scooter in this hot, hot, hot weather.  So no tail-gating…

I wish humans could be so easily fixed!

PS Gabriele’s facebook page is at


4 thoughts on “Tailgaters not Admitted!

  1. Poor little cinquina now being artistically and professionally restored from a horrible rear end impact two seconds worth and no gears no car imagine the shock not only that but I ended up with a neck injury called whiplash still smarting now plus the fact that the lady was gesticulating madly to he point that I thought the damage on her car must have been gynormous well this notorious bad driver got away with hardly a scratch on her vehicle bumper it was one that remoulded on iimpact unlike the damage we ended up with and the insults oh it is just a 5 lira repair hardly that at all! But gladly we managed to get our little car sorted at our very own trusted car mechanic artist so we will soon be reunited with our trusty steed which apart from being a necessity shopping visits transporting items from the field orto to home as we cannot leave anything there as it seems to walk! Tough though getting all the orto sorted such dry weather and water problems despite all our concerted efforts to overcome these with tubs water holes to collect water it is so dry in UK too reaching 33 in the shade!

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