Closed for Ever or Re-opening in Bagni Di Lucca?

What’s open and what’s closed in Bagni di Lucca? So many retail outlets have closed in the area since I first moved here ten years ago that I have become used to the sight of shops’ closed shutters and sale signs.

However, not all one sees is doom and gloom.

We’ve welcomed the re-opening of the Circolo dei Forestieri restaurant this year and the Borghesi has re-opened too and is fast becoming the meeting place for a morning coffee (and lunchtime meal) it traditionally used to be.

So is this place open or closed? Unfortunately Daddo’s shoe shop doesn’t seem to ever open again. There’s an ominous sign which translates as “closed for bereavement”, the usual end of trading sale signs and the interior displays a depressing sight of dusty stock.

I was always pleased with Daddo although on one occasion I suffered a slight embarrassment when I bought a pair of shoes there, admittedly at rock-bottom price, for a wedding I was to attend by Lake Garda. We decided to stop to visit the beauties of Mantua and, entering the gardens of that magnificent confectionery of a summer pleasure-dome, the Palazzo del Te, the whole lower area of my left shoe peeled off leaving me with just the sides. Should I take the other shoe off as well and walk around barefoot? That was an option but only for a short while. Fortunately, we did find a shoe place nearby, were able to continue our scooter journey and attend the wedding.

Is the following place closed now? It was a bar I particularly liked as it has a nice open air space in which to savour one’s morning cappuccino. It also sold bus tickets.

Fortunately, this bar is re-opening soon under new management and will be refurbished in the process.

To rephrase a saying “not everything that seems closed is closed for ever.”


7 thoughts on “Closed for Ever or Re-opening in Bagni Di Lucca?

  1. Silly thing this it is not to like this as we have often been the recipients of shop closures and vast changes in our area of London such as Cuffs our mini Harrods went without a suitable replacement and whats more it had bar Fortune and Mason I believe still has that amazing system of piped payment whereby the assistant puts money and bill in a tube which gets transported to the accounts office and then the change if there was any gets returned via this intricate system of tubes weird but most effieicent and somewhat fun! Well at our age we do not have that many requirements regards shops only the basics as also I have always make do and mend as the expression goes as I suffered from the 80’s economic changes workwise despite this I have always worked once even delivering newspapers at £3 per week nasty heavy dirty work but at least I have always contributed. Sad though in a small area as Bagni di Lucca not to have the essential footwear outlet although one nowadays can purchase so many things online trouble is though that not always are items as they seem size wise too best to shop in person eventually saves a lot of hassle. Well lets hope that a useful shop opens up as it seems that most nowadays are bars and more bars I mean in a small community there is a limit to how many coffees and cake one can consume maybe once a week certainly hardly anyone has a daily coffee at the bar any more due to the present economic climate!

  2. I am pleased that Circolo has reopened. I think they need a bit more staff and I hope they do so before it gets really busy in summer. We didn’t make it to Borghese before we left, so that is on my list for my next visit. It is a real pity about Daddo, that was a real institution in BdL.

  3. The opening of the Circolo has been a delight, it’s the Borghese repacked! I hope they do well. We were devastated on our return to find the bar gorgino closed as it was “our bar” where we always had coffee and gossip, times are hard here and running a bar is not easy in the current climate.I am delighted to know that it will reopen soon and the new owners (bar roma) are experienced and I am sure it will flourish. We have bought many pairs of shoes from Dado over the years and we were really sorry to see it close, there was a death in the family and the rest of the family did not want to carry on the business. I hope that Petri’s shop will remain open, it only seems to sell cigarettes now . On the whole there is a big improvement in Bagni long may it continue

  4. I so miss kind Mr Petri he really always had a good word for us all and was always genuinely concerned for people’s well being he is a true loss for the community of Bagni di Lucca such an interesting personality.

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