Ace Cafe

The area between Stonebridge park and Alperton cannot seem to be the most promising place for London sightseeing but, like every part of this great metropolis,  theres’s so much to discover even here.

When the North circular road, one of the city’s first major arterial roads, was completed in 1938 motorcyclists began to congregate at a newly built cafe, the Ace cafe. If you’ve ever been a biker this place is mythical and to be compared to the greatest routiers in the world. It provided above average British transport cafe food for those heading up north on the A1 road.

In the fifties and sixties the  Ace also provided entertainment in the shape of rock music and some excitement in the form of a few encounters with different biker gangs. Indeed, it was even included in the scenario of a British answer, the leather gang,  to that iconic US film starring Marlon Brando, the wild bunch.

Unfortunately, the Ace cafe was forced to close in 1969 but very happily it reopened in 1994 and I was pleased to drop in on there during various bikers’ meetings before carrying on to visit the in-law

It was a real trip down memory lane, on foot this time, to visit the Ace. I just had a drink there. Lunch was awaiting me. But I realised that Italy, with all its wonderful food and its stunning ambience, could still make me miss such archetypal places as that truly Ace place between the traffic-jammed North circular and the now happily less polluted Brent river behind it.

There’s absolutely nothing to beat a great British greasy spoon transport caf…….


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