A Great Day for Bagni di Lucca Villa

Yesterday Bagni di Lucca’s Borghesi restaurant officially reopened with a joyful and dignified ceremony. We managed for a short time to return to a place that has always meant a lot to us, especially during our first years here.

The décor has been updated in a classical and discrete colour scheme with off-whites and greys. There is nothing ostentatious about the reincarnated Borghesi: in fact, considerable effort was made to bring back the decoration to its former elegance.

The front dining area which, it will be remembered, was florally decorated with trompe-d’oeil windows and vine tendrils is not included in the refurbished Borghesi as it was always rented from an adjoining proprietor and has been a shop for some years. Perhaps one day? In compensation, the rear dining area has been enlarged by a slight structural alteration and can accommodate a maximum of forty diners.

The bar area has been cleaned up and diffuse lighting makes it a very attractive place to enjoy one’s morning cappuccino or afternoon aperitivo.

The kitchen is completely state-of-the-art and the public services are also fully updated.

Everyone present was clearly delighted and we left happy, not just by yet another sign of Bagni di Lucca Villa’s reawakening, but also by the delicious cakes (the proof is, of course, in the eating and great things are promised) and prosecco we had been invited to partake of by that magnificent couple, Fabio and Stefania, owners and historical proprietors, whose tireless initiative it was to get this iconic restaurant back onto its feet (or stomach should I say?)

05302015 001

See you all there soon!

7 thoughts on “A Great Day for Bagni di Lucca Villa

  1. Are there many Borghesi remaining in Bagni di Lucca? I am currently working on a project regarding the history of Pasta Making in Melbourne Australia and I note that one of the founders of a great pasta company here, La Tosca Pasta, was founded by Lionello Borghesi, who migrated from Bagni di Lucca in the 1920s.
    Nice looking restaurant- must pop in when I return to those parts.

    • There’s not that many Borghesi in Bagni – in fact there’ only one listed in the phone directory. Their place of origin was our village Longoio and there’s not a single one living here at all at present Emigration has surely taken its toll.

      • I’m excited it reopened. My wife and I went there in 2010 on our honeymoon. We are the St. Louis Borghesi, and the Bagni di Lucca Borghesi are our 2nd and 3rd cousins. My mother Diana Louise Borghesi can now see the family heirloom when we visit in May!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news. We will also visit soon. We loved the old Borghesi but the new one looks quite superb – a welcome development for Bagni. I am sure the food and general ambience with be very acceptable indeed.

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