Music in Lucca and its Province for June 2015



The “Boccherini OPEN” June season, organized by the Istituto Musicale “Boccherini”, includes ten musical events. A cultural meeting dedicated to contemporary music for wind and string instruments will be held on Friday, June 5th, at 5.30 pm at the Institute’s auditorium (piazza del Suffragio), with composer Carlo Alessandro Landini. The meeting, coordinated by Renzo Cresti, also includes teachers Remo Pieri and Claudio Valenti and “Boccherini” students. There’s a  Beethoven concert on  June 16th at 9 pm in the Industrialists’ Association Hall (piazza Bernardini) with a Trio consisting of Claudio Maffei, violin, Massimo Maffei, cello, and Stefano Maffei, piano. From the middle of the month, “Performances Boccherini,” will take place devoted to the Institute’s best students. On June 13th, at 6 pm the orchestral class directed by Gian Paolo Mazzoli perform Schubert’s Symphony No. 3; June 19th at 6 pm, pianists Li Yang Zi Wang and Cristian Monti play, while at 9 pm Federica Martinelli, percussion, and Stefano Teani, piano, perform. The next day pianists Isabella Gori and Arianna Tarantino (6 pm) and Kanami Noda (9 pm) give a recital; 21st June pianists Enrico Casini and Giovanni Vitali play at 6 pm, with a recital by guitarist Arody Garcia at 9 pm These concerts will be held in Palazzo Ducale’s Tobino Hall, except that of the 13th which is in the “Boccherini Auditorium, where the final concert of the annual piano masterclass of Aquiles Delle Vigne (June 27th, 9 pm) will also be held. Free admission; info:



International jazz festival produced by Renzo Cresti

“Amphitheatre Jazz”, the international jazz festival, presents a high quality programme this year, with various musical experiences appealing to a wide audience, with free concerts. There’s a preview on Saturday afternoon, June 6th at 6.30 pm with a street band that will proceed from Piazza Cittadella, where there’s a short concert by Puccini’s statue, to Piazza San Michele, via Santa Croce and via Fillungo reaching Piazza Amphitheatre where, at 9.30 pm, (same time for all concerts), the Bostik Band will inaugurate the festival, in the presence of the mayor and civic authorities. On Sunday 7th, an exceptional quartet, with trumpeter Tom Kirkpatrik (see photo), and Max Soggiu, Diego Piscitelli and Paolo Meneghini, will pay tribute to a much loved musician in Lucca, Chet Baker, playing also music by Gerry Mulligan, with whom Baker began his career. Monday 8th, will be the turn of famous jazz pieces and memorable Frank Sinatra songs with Giangi Zucchini, the group’s leader (Alinari, Bartalini, Bertini and Franchini), and a special appearance by Antonello Vannucchi on vibraphone. Tuesday 9th will be the turn of Paolo Iannacci, son of Enzo, and eclectic jazz player, while Wednesday 10th, will be devoted to tango and Franz Zappa, with the ‘Rosso Fiorentino’ project made up of four amazing jazz musicians: Alessandro Fabbri, Nico Gori, Ruben Chaviano and Paolo Ghetti. A tribute to Puccini and Italian opera could not be avoided. On Thursday 11th, Trio in Opera will be performed with Riccardo Arriola, Giovanni Sanguineti and Rodolfo Cervetto. Friday 12th is another fantastic evening with X-Jam Luca Giometti who present Singin ‘The Divas … and Puccini, a show which includes immortal blues, jazz and rock songs, with a surprise interlude involving Giacomo Puccini . Numerous guests include Riccardo Zegna, Gianna Cerchier, James Thompson, Rob Lopez and other international musicians (a DVD will be made of the event). The closing night, Saturday 13th, is assigned to a group with a great appeal to younger persons. This is Sex FM which closes with wild funk dance rhythms and dancing in the square. Do note that on 20th and 21st June the European Music Festival will be held in Amphitheatre Square.

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After last season’s positive experience, “Cartoline Puccini” returns. These are opera recitals in Piazza Cittadella, a stone’s throw from Giacomo Puccini’s birthplace. Thursday 4th, at 6.30 pm, there’s a selection from Madama Butterfly, with piano accompaniment. The public can approach the Puccini’s great operatic repertoire in a relaxed manner, surrounded by the unique atmosphere of the composer’s city. Tickets are 10 euro. Info: Teatro Del Giglio (+39 0583 465320).


Successfully continuing its activities, the Lucca Philharmonic orchestra is giving three appealing concerts organized by the “Puccini and his Lucca” festival. The first is on June 2nd, on Italian Republic day and the 62nd anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. The evening will be entitled “La Gloria di George Frederic Handel” (The glory of George Frederic Handel) with arias, choruses, overtures and orchestral music from Messiah, Judas Maccabaeus, Tolomeo, Rinaldo, Serse, Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day and Scipio. The evening will include tenor Matteo Michi, soprano Clara Polito, Alessia Baldinotti alto, bass Romano Martinuzzi and the Schola Cantorum Labronica conducted by Maurizio Preziosi. All are accompanied by the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andrea Colombini.

On Sunday 14th there’s an evening of “Symphonic Tango” with a program including traditional Argentine tangos by Astor Piazzolla and arranged for tango group and symphony orchestra. Taking part are the Hyperion Ensemble and Tangueros together with the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Colombini. Finally, on Sunday, June 21st there’s an evening of great film soundtracks composed by John Williams for Steven Spielberg, entitled “From Indiana Jones to Star Wars.” Andrea Colombini again conducts the Lucca Philharmonic. All concerts are at Lucca’s Chiesa dei Servi in Lucca at 9.15 pm. Entrance free for residents of Lucca and its province thanks to the sponsorship of Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, official sponsor of this fourth concert season. Seat Reservations: +39340 8106042. Info:

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Within the city walls, at Porta San Pietro, on Saturday, June 13th at 10 am the opening ceremony of the square named after Mons. Emilio Maggini will be held. This special celebration will be attended by Archbishop Italo Castellani, Mayor Alessandro Tambellini, various city officials, members of the Capella Santa Cecilia and all those who knew and loved the well-known cleric, who devoted most of his life to the music of Lucca. During the ceremony, the Cappella Santa Cecilia choir will perform Don Maggini’s polyphonic sacred music in the Oratorio della Madonnina.



Now in its eighth edition, the Premio Città di Lucca “Alfredo Catalani” award is given annually by the Friends of Lucca and  Porcari’s “Alfredo Catalani” Music Circle to personalities and artists from the musical and cultural world (musicians, directors, singers, conductors, theatrical agents, painters, famous writers), who have made the city of Lucca known internationally.

This year the prize will be awarded to Adolfo Galli and Mimmo D’Alessandro, owners of “Di e Gi” and organizers of Lucca’s Summer and Winter Festival, thanks to which great artists perform on the city’s stage and make Lucca’s name and its musical heritage known throughout the world  The event, in Villa Bernardini (Vicopelago), June 19th at 9 pm, will be introduced by musicologist Daniele Rubboli and includes, apart from the award and acknowledgment by the president of the Catalani club, Francesco Pardini, and the mayor of Lucca, Alessandro Tambellini, the participation of emerging young musicians and singers in concert. The prize, as usual, is made by Lucca’s Ancient Mint. Free admission. Reservations required by calling +39347 9951581.


On June 13th at 9 pm in the SPE – the Scompiglio’s performance and exhibition space – there’s an event in which both established and promising musicians come together in Naples’ Aexionorchestra, to offer a tribute to Giacinto Scelsi, on the 110th anniversary of his birth. Artists will discuss the language of improvisation, reinterpreting some of the great Italian composer’s songs. The Ossatura ensemble (see picture) consists of Elio Martusciello, computer (audiovisual and conduction); Luca Venitucci, accordion, piano and electroacoustic objects; Fabrizio Spera, drums, percussion; Gianni Trovalusci, flutes. The Crossroads Improring ensemble consists of Antonio Raia, Giuseppe Vietri and Pietro Santangelo, sax; Ciro Riccardi and Charles Ferris, trumpet; Umberto Lepore and Ron Grieco, bass.

Tickets cost € 12 (adults); € 7 (Reduced children 3-12 years, over 65, university students).

Info +390583971125 |


The Capella Musicale Choir of the Cathedral of Spoleto will be in Lucca on June 14th to perform in the Cathedral of San Martino at 11.30 am, after the celebration of solemn Sunday Mass. The Umbrian choir, welcomed by Lucca’s Cappella Santa Cecilia choir conducted by Sara Matteucci, sings sacred pieces by Gounod, Beethoven, Gargiulo, Perosi, Miserachs, Rota, De Marzi and Bach. The Chapel choir of Spoleto Cathedral, directed since 2002 by Francesco Corrias, when he was appointed music director, performs regular music service for the most important feasts of the liturgical year, thus presenting itself as a musical guide to the Spoleto- Norcia Diocese. Free admission.


The musical comedy entitled “Nonno ti conto una fola”, by Elio Antichi and Claudio Villani will be performed on Sunday, June 7th at 6 pm at the “Nieri” Teatro Municipale at Ponte a Moriano. The show, full of characteristic Luccan idioms and phrases, is told in the form of a fable and includes old games and Tuscan folk songs. Protagonists of this event are the Coro del Sole conducted by Elio Antichi (see photo), Piero Fava (in the role of the Grandfather), Claudia Gandini (Grandmother) Antonella Cristofani (narrator) and Tiziano Mangani at the piano. Direction by Elio Antichi. Free admission.


At the Versiliana arts centre (Marina di Pietrasanta), there’s the third edition of Due voci e una chitarra, a revue of “chatter and songs”, designed and conducted by Marino Bartoletti, a familiar face on television, who has already presented meetings with Gaetano Curreri and Ron. The grand finale, scheduled for Friday, June 5th at 9 pm, will include one of the most popular Italian musicians, Roby Facchinetti (see photo). The historic singer of “Pooh”, currently working as a coach in the Rai program “The voice of Italy”, will arrive in Pietrasanta after the final very popular contest. Facchinetti will recount the most important moments of his career punctuated by those hit records from his immense creativity that have made the history of “Pooh” from  Piccola Katy to Tanta Voglia di Te, from Pensiero to Noi due nel mondo e nell’anima, from Chi fermerà la musica to Uomini soli, just to name a few.

Info: Fondazione La Versiliana | Tel. +390584 265777- cell. +39349 8613496;


The 2015 edition of the Veleno contest has ended and, among many groups from all over Italy who performed in Lucca, the winner of this year was Q-Yes. The band was born from the ashes of another Lucca group, Zocaffè, and is formed by Emanuele Baronti (Voice, guitar, Synth and Moog Theremin), Fabio Benincasa (voice, guitar and keyboards), Giovanni Palamidessi (Bass, Bass, Guitar baritone and chorus) and Vieri Prati (drums, samples). They define themselves as Beat-Pop and their songs, strictly in Italian, (with words from other Romance languages) speak of “love stories, joys, betrayals and outbursts from twentysomethings, sometimes sad sometimes euphoric.” Their style blends typically Italian cantautori musical experience, warm traditional guitar, bass, drums arrangements and only intermittently sampled sounds, keyboards and Theremin. Last month they released their first EP “Generation Y”.


On Saturday, June 13th at 9 pm, in Villa Basilica’s sports school, there’s the finale of the Primo Festival delle Spade, a national song contest for new Italian songs organized by Villa Basilica’s Confraternità in collaboration with the town of Villa Basilica. In case of rain the show will be held at the conference room of Villa Basilica. Free admission


The young Lucca singer Marco Andreotti, has successfully participated in Rai 2’s transmission of “The Voice of Italy” as part of Team Pelù’s sixteen talents, a positive experience with a friendly and helpful director and he staff. Marco Andreotti became known after winning first prize at last year’s “Livorno Festival”, obtaining praise from the jury of Loretta Martinez, Alex Mastromarino, Rossella Canaccini and Matteo Becucci. An important window that opened the horizons of pop music for Marco began in 2003, when he was just sixteen, with “Lost Dream” one of the first Lucca rock bands with which he played in important festivals. In 2008, after the band’s break-up, Marco dedicated himself to other musical projects, especially funk and soul, until he became involved in progressive music and Stoner rock. Since 2012 Marco began to focus on a solo career, deepening vocal experimentation, studying Demetrio Stratos and anatomy and vocal theory. The rest is history. Besides being busy with his band (Duo ICS – Disage) Marco continues to study and develop, teaching singing and performing in many live concerts…


With the concert on Friday 19th at 9.15 pm in the Oratorio di San Giuseppe in Piazza Antelminelli, Cluster’s Spring Season concludes in Lucca. A series of eleven concerts are all dedicated to contemporary music, written mainly by its twenty-four members who are part of this big “family” music. The group is mostly from Lucca, with compositions and productions such as on Friday the 19th, where there’s a duo composed by baritone Peter Paul and pianist Gerd Rosinsky. The concert is part of an exchange, with Cluster present in Berlin this May through the music of its president, Francesco Cipriano. The evening’s program, with free admission, includes performance of German music alternating with pieces by Cluster members Arduino Gottardo and Guido Masini.

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Francigena, the International Arts Festival, will open on June 21st in Capannori with “War Stories”, a show with actor and musician Peppe Servillo, based on stories and tales of the Great War along the Francigena route. Direction by Matteo Raffaelli with pianist Fabrizio Datteri.

On June 26th in Porcari’s Piazza Felice Orsi, the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Giancarlo De Lorenzo perform a concert “A Night at the Cinema”, with film music and the premiere of the suite from “The Invisible Boy” by Gabriele Salvatores, composed by Federico de Robertis and arranged for orchestra by Girolamo Deraco. The program continued throughout the summer, until August 15. Info:


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