A Thousand Miles to Bagni di Lucca!

The “Mille Miglia”, that classic car race has now changed from the desperate competition it was in the fifties, when Stirling Moss famously won in 1955 on his Mercedes Benz 300 SLR, to a cavalcade of the golden age of driving when it was still a pleasure to do so and where cars were truly works of art.

Bagni di Lucca seemed an ideal backdrop for the entry of the race into its boundaries as this town too harks back to a nostalgic age of elegance and style.

The first batch of competitors to arrive were the Ferrari Teste Rosse – I’d never seen so many in my life. As many of you’ll know Ferrari, after some time in the doldrums, has made a big come back this year especially at Monza.

The cars were given a great welcome into the commune’s streets and the atmosphere was great. I was in seventh heaven at seeing so many Ferraris Bugattis, Alfa Romeos, Lancia, Mercs and so much else.

As I’ve already written about the Mille Miglia race I saw in Lucca last year when the cars were given a lap of honour on the city walls I’ll just stick to a photo gallery of some of the best vehicle of the day. Let these pictures show what motoring was once like in the thirties and, indeed in the fifties. My heartiest congratulations to all those persons who spend hours (and their wallets) in maintaining these mercuries of another age in such tip top condition and giving us so much pleasure on that fabulous Saturday!


Last but not least .we drove our little Cinquina up Bagni di Lucca’s high street and received our share of the applause too. That was compensation enough for having missed George Cluny on his Silver Bugatti!


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles to Bagni di Lucca!

  1. Thank you for the photos of all those wonderful cars. What a smashing event. There’s a British TV chef, James Martin, who I think was in an old 1950’s Jaguar. I don’t suppose you spotted him – I wonder how he got on in the race?

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