Our Little Garden of Eden

Our allotment is only one of several bits of land which came with our house in Longoio. It’s also the closest plot to our property and the one which is a nice mixture of trees and pastures.

05072015 011

I did find out where the other pieces of land were with the help of a geometra (surveyor) and found that not only were they more distant to our house but also they were a lot more wooded and also more unapproachable. Unfortunately, I failed to mark them properly with the geometra (some paint would have been useful) and I’ve never located them since.

It may seem odd that I don’t know where my other lands are but the area around us is so wooded and large parts are quite abandoned to nature that it becomes less difficult to believe.

Anyway, our nearest plot is occupation enough for us. It’s approachable either by a three minute scooter ride or by a ten minute walk.

The first part of the walk is along the original mule track leading to Longoio. It’s bound by high walls and its ancient stone surface has also space for a culvert running down one side.

05062015 029

This mule path ends at a tarmac lane. We cross the lane (which leads to the little chapel at La Serra) and find a grassy and daisied path which leads down to our field.

05062015 039

Our three cats Napoleon, Carlotta and Cheekie like to accompany us down to the field and there are few hazards for them (except for dogs and perhaps the occasional tractor when crossing the lane).

Our cats are truly lucky. I‘ve seen felines on leads in cities – something which I think is totally anti-cat. Our pets are free to follow us, climb up trees, play hide-and-seek in the tall grasses or just sit and watch us while we plant some beans.

Apart from our birthday party we don’t get many visitors to our allotment (except for the wild life which includes lots of birds and the occasional deer). However, the local shepherdess brings her flock of seventy-eight sheep (each one with its own name which she dutifully remembers) through our field. They do a grand job in cutting the grass and general manuring.

Meadow flowers abound in our allotment:

I suppose this’ll be the nearest I’ll ever get to the Garden of Eden so I really treasure our time in the allotment.


2 thoughts on “Our Little Garden of Eden

  1. It is truly a time to be treasured also as the seasons seem to move quite swiftly nowadays and they are so mixed up and end up confusing us too it seems to be a mixture of Spring then Summer as well as even Autumn and nights surely cold Winter! Well at least here in Italy with the hot sun and rain this year so far our veggie patch is growing well and we have ventured with new crop such as chick peas and sweet corn (I have seen the latter grow well in this area) we seem to have peas and I am still planting potatoes we have around 7 small plots 1.tomatoes 2.potatoes 3.mixed vegetables brassicas onions melons 4.another mixed plot sweet corn chickpeas peas aubergene peppers 5.a wild lettuce area self seeded 6.also an artichoke and cardi area 7.final area wild area with self seeded fennels. At home I have planted old seeds fennel English lettuce choice Mediterranean lettuce choice pink beans peppers Italian cucumbers it will be amazing if these sprout hopefully they will! The meadow flowers are great so lively and colourful often I take a bunch for the table. Our cats are like our children they are independent but also like to socialise with us though they do not go with us on daily walks I think that they were resting from what must have been a very very long walk for them the other day! I must say that at Kew Gardens last year we did see a fantastic kitchen garden with most of all the above and amazingly very healthy sturdy growth better than some of ours out here!

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