Fabulousness at Borgo a Mozzano

This year’s azalea Festa at Borgo a Mozzano has come and gone. When we visited it last Saturday morning, lowering clouds were keeping most people away so we had practically the whole place to ourselves. But fortunately it didn’t rain!

The Festa is not all about azaleas. There are stalls selling handicrafts and farm produce.

This one was selling a nostalgic wedding package:

The floral displays are, as always, up to a high standard.

Since the high street was closed to traffic it was also possible to fully admire some of the very impressive front doors which grace this historic town:

I suspect this doorway may have opened into a butcher’s shop:

There are art exhibitions too. We attended the opening of an exhibition in one of Borgo’s beautiful palazzi which now also houses the main library moved here from its former location which had been hit by last year’s earthquake. The exhibition features a circle of artists from Lucca province. Borgo a Mozzano’s public relations managers’ son had the honour of cutting the inaugural tape.


The artists’ theme for this year was fables and fairy tales; the variety of techniques and the imaginative approach used to depict the tales was very endearing. See how many of these stories you can recognize:

I especially liked the cubist rabbit!


I was particularly drawn to the paintings of Simonetta Cassai (who’d attended one of my previous English evening class courses at Bagni di Lucca). This one illustrates a fable by Herman Hesse, “The Dream of Piktor”.


This one is simply called “The Circus”


The fairy tale theme was also present in several horticultural displays:


There was a very interesting section on medicinal plants:

I hope more people made it to the azaleas on Sunday even if that day wasn’t very sunny.

Today, on the other hand, it’s true blue skies everywhere….


2 thoughts on “Fabulousness at Borgo a Mozzano

  1. Its a great festival we go every year. Its a shame that it has diminished so much over the years. several years of bad weather and the ridiculous charge to get in which was levied for a few years has reduced both the attendance and the exhibitors. Lets hope this years good weather and free entry is the beginning of a resurgence.

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