The Answers Lies ….

I finally faced my orto this week and am glad at the progress I’m making in preparing the soil. A thorough ploughing and tilling will make a world of difference to potato planting in it. Next week, hopefully, it’ll be the first tomatoes to get stuck in.

Who said the answer lay in the soil? It was, of course in the BBC radio programme “Beyond our Ken” where Kenneth Williams’ country character, Arthur Fallowfield delivered lines which were full of innuendo and double entendre. As Horne said, it was Fallowfield who put the sex in Sussex (before it was divided in east and west, of course)… Fallowfield’s reply to any question began: “Well, I think the answer lies in the soil!”


(Those can’t name these characters must be a lot younger than me!)

Fallowfield was certainly right. It does lie in the soil where we too shall also lie one day. Be that as it may I was certainly pleased with the way my fruit trees are blossoming, pears, cherry, apricots and all.

Now, of course the answer is to spray them regularly and make sure they get plenty of water. I think this year has the makings of a very hot summer: I’ve already had to lay off the orto work by 11 am because it was getting too hot!


3 thoughts on “The Answers Lies ….

  1. Yes it is raining hard now no chance at present plus it is Friday 17 th well yes the answer is in the soil so as crops were not great last year and were brilliant the first year virgin soil and all that it does need feeding and replying not just tilling which I do not like as this destroys self seeded self planted plants! But I look forward to planting my little babies we have bought corn others have planted is and done well also ceci imagine!

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