I do Like to be beside the Seaside

0401205 001

(It’s giaggiolo time again!)

With the continuing series of lovely days – starting rather cold at around two degrees centigrade but then developing into a rapidly warming crescendo to above twenty degrees what better place to enjoy the weather than at the seaside. This is what we did yesterday going to our favourite short-haul seaside place, Marina di Vecchiano near Migliarino. Situated in the midst of the remaining Mediterranean coastal macchia of umbrella pines and firs it offers the basics which do include a watchtower with staff ready to save unwary bathers (closed), a first aid post (closed), a beach bar (closed) and a bar near the main parking space (open!).

0401205 021

What we had come to enjoy, however, is the warm ozone-laden sea breeze, the enchanting sound of waves lapping upon the shore, the arcane vision of the Apuan alps rising majestically behind and the amazing emptiness of the whole area before the summer madness begins.

The waters were just as warm (if not warmer) than that of many Welsh seaside resorts at the height of their summer season but I did not see much evidence of April bathers at Vecchiano. It was a great day, however, just to walk up and down the beach and relax in the soft sands caressed by a warm sun and a gentle breeze..


One thought on “I do Like to be beside the Seaside

  1. I actually loved the bracing cold sea waters as I marched up and down doing my daily exercise was truly exhillerating refreshing but really icy cold I had intended to do a swim but alas I felt rather less than brave would have been foolhardy as no rescue available I thought just in case so needless to say sadly I had to make do with a leisurely stroll alone along the sea edge enjoying the occasional splash and dip into these less than inviting waters as they lapped along the sands bringing along with them some amazing ginger coloured shells someone had cleverly done a branch of driftwood with shells was a great amusing item of found art which cost well …..

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