What a Load of Junk

Second-hand shops and markets are proliferating in Lucca province, especially since the “crisi economica” began in 2008 and still shows little sign of abating (the PIL – Prodotto Interno Lordo, alias gross domestic production – has not increased significantly and, although Italy still remains in fifth place among world nations in terms of this classification, it is there literally by the skin of her teeth.).

There are, naturally,  lots of different grades of second hand shops ranging from classy antiquarian boutiques of Lucca through the second-hand markets that have sprouted on the main Lucca road from Borgo a Mozzano to downright junk shops.

I prefer the latter.  Like Oscar Wilde, I find that too many people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. We were glad, therefore, to meet again with our friend Liviano who used to run a second-hand shop on Ghivizzano Bassa’s high street but now has removed all his stuff to a warehouse to the left of the first bar one meets when turning off towards Tereglio on the big roundabout just before reaching Calavorno from Bagni di Lucca.

After sifting through piles of junk we found two table lamps, a bird house, a basket for firewood and some good planting potatoes for very little indeed.

If you are interested in mining through debris from house clearances in the hope of finding that item you’ve always wanted but never found then this is the ideal place for you. You’d have to phone 3471836509 and ask for Liviano of “Antiche Novità” to make sure that your journey to the warehouse of unknown treasures is not wasted. He’s usually there around lunchtime, anyway.

04102015 004

Bonne chance!


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