Green Fingers on Green Walls

Verdemura is one Lucca’s two main garden festivals. As its name implies (trans” greenwalls”) it takes place on the walls by Porta Santa Maria and also occupies two bulwarks. If you’re into gardening (and who isn’t) then it’s a must on your Lucca calendar and will run until tomorrow, Sunday 29th March.

We went there yesterday on a day which seemed to forecast yet more light rain but which soon turned into some very sweet sunshine. The refreshing start to the morning played wonders on the flowers on show.

There’s a lot more, than flowers of course. There’s the usual host of garden machinery., for example. We picked up some delicious chestnut honey at a very reasonable price considering that because of last year’s bad season and the disease which has been attacking chestnut trees the product is getting a little rare. There were also some picturesque crafts. For example, the metal sculptures made by African self-help consortiums.

Madagascar spices were well-represented.

 03282015 039

This fellow not only does “rompicapo” wooden puzzle games (“brainteasers”) but also wooden flowers creating whole new species!

Cacti abounded in droves.

There were some natural medicines with amazing properties. (No- there wasn’t one to turn you into a donkey”)

03282015 017

Wonderful herb based soaps from Provence:

03282015 018

Beautiful alpine gentians in the sharpest blue. May they flower in profusion on those slopes where such a tragedy recently happened.

03282015 020

Harry Potter fans would have enjoyed these high-speed jobs which apparently have “drone” capacities (or is it “drudge”?).

03282015 043

These pretty animals were all painted on gourds. How imaginative to find animals in the shapes of gourds!

But, of course, the best things about Lucca’s Verdemura garden festival is its unique setting on its wonderful walls with view both into the old town and towards the marble peaks of the Apuans still with some snow on them.

Chelsea flower show may, of course, be tops in scale and variety (if you can manage to manoeuvre through those over-dense crowds) but nothing can beat Lucca’s two delightful garden show. Don’t miss Murabilia which will take place in the first week of September!



5 thoughts on “Green Fingers on Green Walls

  1. A great time is as always had by all I was somewhat surprised at seeing the giant poppies in various colours as many people in Italy are in trouble for having these in their gardens these wonderfully multicoloured giant poppies it is paradise for cactus lovers and there are such wonderful vaireties even most vivid flowering types I was happily surprised also at seeing the great mountain Stella Alpina plants and the deep blue gentians we just limited our purchase to the scented colourful carnations rather dianthus buy 2 get 1 free there were many such bargains to be had! I was tempted but the amazing variety of no mow lawn there were three types only shade sunny positions and flowering lawn you can walk on it sit on it very durable low maintenance lawn as you grow older you do need a few tips with nature giving you a helping hand also ideal for busy people! The donkey was actually a wide range of products made from donkey milk that was a surprise!

  2. we also spent the afternoon there and came back with a car full of plants but one of my favourite stalls is not flower related but cheese. There is the most excellent cheese stall from the Val di Suza (also attends Murabllia) Ask to sample as much as possible especially the blue pecorino and the Vinnachio (spelling?) heaven.

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