Abroad Thoughts from Home

The title of my blog has the words “from London to Longoio” in it. Will there ever be a sequel blog called “From Longoio to London”?

Since I moved permanently into Longoio in 2005 how many times have I returned to London? In  2006 i went back twice since l was still working as a college course inspector for GNVQ. I gave up the job in 2007 but returned to London to present my English translation of a book by Giovanni Fascetti describing a very important picture in the national gallery, st george and the dragon by Paolo Ucello.

Four years passed before I revisited the uk and then I spent most of my time in the country in beautiful hampshire and in particular around Selbourne where Gilbert White became britain’s first serious naturalist.

Another three years elapsed before my next visit and then in 2014 I came here twice. Again in 2015 I find myself once more in the uk.

Are my visits here becoming more frequent? Do other ex-pat Britons have the same track record of visits to the uk?  I’m sure that most of them have visited their home country rather more than 6 times in 10 years.Some of my best friends have actually returned to the uk permanently for one reason or another. Other friends alas will never come back to Italy again because they are no longer in this world.

What is the nature of homesickness? Have I ever been home sick for the uk? Not really. I have had pangs of homesickness when staying in other countrie, however. After 2 years in India I was quite desperate to return, although I have since visited that country and thoroughly enjoyed its incredible life, colours and energy but, sad to say I have never really felt homesick for england.

Perhaps it’s because I can now experience this country as a tourist and explore those parts not visited before – to take to the Pembroke coast path or walk the cliffs of Tintagel or even have a look at the isle of Man, perhaps visit some of the lesser known coastal resorts?

This time as a result of chat with a very nice gentleman we met in Jordan we have decided to visit the city that otherwise we would have never put on a list of places to visit in the uk – Birmingham. Reading all about it makes me feel we should certainly make a rattling good day of it there.

Anyway, here we are once more in the uk; I have exchanged the wonderfully blue skies we have had recently over Longoio with that heavy grey mouse cloudiness which seems to look over the green and pleasant land too often and the sheep bells that would tinkle past my my house have now been replaced by police and ambulance sirens. Perhaps if I’m nostalgic enough I’ll take to the tinkling of a routemaster bus request stop bell.

Another 2 weeks to go …… so who knows if there ever will be a blog called from Longoio to London?I somehow doubt there ever will be one….

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