An International Nazione

There was a problem for several of my readers in accessing the link of an email I sent them yesterday. I, therefore, will say here what it was all about.

The link referred to an article about me in the main regional newspaper for Tuscany and Umbria, “La Nazione”. The article said was that I was helping to disseminate the wealth of music-making in Lucca and its province to overseas locations, especially the UK, by collaborating with the main Lucca music magazine “LuccaMusica” edited by Francesco Cipriano and by writing about many events in my blog. The article concluded with some biographical details about me. The only mistake in the article was to state that I won a blog prize whereas, as you’ll know, I’ve just been nominated for one.

It’s enjoyable to write a blog but when it and its author are brought to the attention of the national press it’s clearly most gratifying. Italy depends heavily on the voluntary sector, whether it be in the health services where the “Misericordie” run the ambulances and offer first aid or in the cultural field where Tommy Beecham-like music makers have too often to dip deeply into their pockets to enable funds to be available for their bold initiatives (I am here, of course, referring mainly to Andrea Colombini, progenitor of the “Puccini e la sua Lucca festival” and the city’s most energetic musical ambassador.) Indeed, my first job in Lucca was one in which I was an interpreter for a conference on the voluntary sector.

I’m happy to contribute some of my time to these activities, so essential to the formation of a tolerant, humane and creative society, but when my face appears in an appreciative newspaper article there’s certainly a feeling that it’s truly all been worth it.






5 thoughts on “An International Nazione

  1. Now look here old boy you have rubbed the little boars nose squeaky shiney hands off well the charm of this action has certainly worked on you well done for a well deserved nomination it has certainly made all that hard graft seem truly worthwhile hours of painstakingly manoeuvres to ensure you write a daily blog that is certainly a very high standard to set oneself when I first started writing or rambling a blog as I do each to their own way of writing it was way back in 2005 in gmail but then I only wrote a long winded paragraph with no pictures or punctuation as Shakespeare the most colour I managed to include was rainbow type which was effective but really difficult to read in some colours! Blogs now have evolved greatly from that tedious format and truly a picture speaks a thousand words but the pen is still mightier than the sword. Now your next ambition was as I remember to be knighted like my Babbo Cavaliere OMRI so maybe one day there will be 3 knighthoods in our family incidentally do not forget that you probably have the oldest blog reader Mamma who is aged 93 her vote will be cast soon!She deserves a knighthood too for over 50 years service rendered to the Italian Nation which also includes voluntary work as I have done too for both Nations!

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