Cat Walk 2015

New Year’s Day 2015 (!) at Longoio began and ended with wall-to-wall sunshine and true-blue sky. It was a real pleasure to be alive!

We decided to take full advantage of these increasingly all.-to-rare days, even for Italy, to take a little walk around the village.  Going up the path that leads to the fountain we were suddenly joined by our cat no. 2, Carlotta, who also had the bright idea to go for a walk, with us this time.

In a place without surrounding main roads but with plenty of woods and open spaces there’s absolutely no danger with taking one’s cat(s) for a walk (or is it cats taking one for a walk?). True, we heard a few shot from hunters but fortunately they were not too close to mistake Carlotta for their prey.

It’s wonderful just to step outside one’s front door gate and find oneself immediately in the country.

01022014 022

Of course, cats don’t like to go on leads (although I’ve seen city cats taken for a walk this way) but our cats love to follow us wherever we go and they keep pretty close. I think it’s because they also feel safer from such perils as village dogs and the occasional tractor.

There is always something new to discover, even in and around Longoio.

At the entrance of the village is this abandoned cattle shed with an original manger – so similar to those in living cribs that hold the baby Jesus.

The village still holds its mysteries. For example, this bungalow-type house on the ridge with views both towards the Apuan Mountains and the Lima Valley has been unoccupied ever since we arrived here ten years ago. Why?

These doorway have particularly elegant pretensions but now lie neglected and unopened.

01022014 063 01022014 067

Flowers to the little village shrines are still kept up even if in the case of some of them, they are plastic flowers:

Arriving home, Carlotta enjoys a last hour of sunshine before sunset brings on freezing temperatures again.

We can learn so much from our animals, How to relax for example or just how to appreciate the wonderful things that life brings – sunshine, nature and the promise of spring.


3 thoughts on “Cat Walk 2015

    • Thanks. Didn’t know that. We certainly will need a lot of luck for 2015! Indeed I read now that cats of this coloration are believed to bring good luck and that in the United States, these are sometimes referred to as money cats. I also learn that the Japanese Maneki Neko figurine is almost always a calico cat and that a calico cat of is also the state cat of Maryland in the United States. Wow! We are indeed lucky in having these adorable creatures living with us.

  1. Well in fact it was a great treat to go for a walk on a sunny day and today too is a sunny day so a walk is due we have to take the opportunity as it arises as the weather is forecast heavy snow I am yet to see this hopefully not! We actually met 4 immediate neighbours on our walk and wished them a Happy New Year 2015. My fear of course is any dangers in fact we met a shepherd and his tractor who kindly switched off his engine for the sake of our cat who would have got frightened in happened once before with a local dog but I managed to save the day and our cat so maybe a leash is not such a bad idea as you can deal with situation with greater ease no panic then! I have always had tortoishell cats my first one I bought from the school bazaar for 2 and 6 pence these other ones we have are rescue kittens orphans so they are extra special to us also I did know that they are lucky and very valuable cats and the Japanese fishermen would carry one on board to bring them luck fishing! Thanks it is most interesting to learn that they are also known as Calico cats thanks!

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