I’m Seeing a White Christmas Season

Temperatures have suddenly plummeted here in Longoio. Yesterday there was a violent thunderstorm and it began to sleet heavily. Outside things looked drear and dismal.

Today, however, we’ve woken up to a white dawn and more snow is forecast with temperatures reaching minus ten on New Year’s night.

It might be a good day to take a walk as the sky is quite cloudless. But at the moment it’s still too icy and already a warning has gone out that hospitals already are having to deal with queues of people with fractures and broken legs. But it’s so tempting to go out in this splendid crisp, sunny and freezing winter’s day – the first one we’ve really had this season.

Certainly, among our animals, our new arrival Cheeky is finding out about the white stuff for her first time.




4 thoughts on “I’m Seeing a White Christmas Season

  1. Well like the cats I prefer to view all this at a distance it is truly freezing we are virtually snowed in cannot drive our little 500 as we need to put snow chains on but these can ruin tyres and besides we need to get new ones as they are faulty we in fact a blow out last week was scary as it happened just in the tunnels I felt loss of engine power we stopped as our coach we had just returned hooted us so it had to be something serious and visible so it was and we were unable to change this wheel ourselves so had to wait for a rescue to sort us out and even they found it nearly impossible somone has tightened the nuts too tightly but we were on our way after 1 half hours or so and freezing cold! I neded to be on my way but will have to delay we wanted to visit a neighbour but have to delay that too meanwhile we have learnt of the untimely sad departure of Signor Renato Petri of Bagni di Lucca wonderful tobacconist shop Francis has just stated I cannot believe that he has gone he was just like an Institution. He was a very much loved dynamic knowledgeable person much loved by all and we will all sadly miss him we do not yet know when the funeral will be.We send our heartfelt condolences to his family.

  2. Cracking photos. It always amazes me how the appearance of the landscape changes so much with just a little snow. Love the final picture – the cat almost looks as though he/she is deliberating on whether to jump out or not.

    Sorry to hear about Signor Petri. He will be missed.

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