Christmas Conviviality for the Borgo degli Artisti

The “Borgo degli Artisti” is Bagni di Lucca’s main forum for the visual arts. This can include anything from sculpture to photography, and more! The Borgo, whose offices and exhibition space are sited on the other side of the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio, also organises events which have become a staple part of Bagni di Lucca’s calendar.

Women’s day is organised by the Borgo – see my post at

La Festa della Colombina, the revival of an old tradition related to a local cake and where children are invited to paint a little dove (designed by pottery supremo Maureen Halson) is also prepared by the Borgo.

The Borgo’s biggest event is, without any doubt, the extempore painting competition at Villa Fiori which attracts painters from all parts of Italy who have just one day to complete a picture related to the views there. The standard of accomplishment is now really high and is combined with some excellent food from Sapori e Saperi. See my posts at for last year’s event and for this year’s.

There are also other events. Recently, for example, there was a retrospective exhibition by Morena Guarnaschelli, the driving force behind the organisation . See, too, my post at

Morena is also the prime mover for children’s activities in the arts which are so often neglected in Italy’s cash-strapped schools.

With all these activities requiring hard work and determination there is also a time to relax and the Borgo degli Artisti’s pre-Christmas dinner last Sunday at the Ruota restaurant in Fornoli was one of them.

Business combined with pleasure with addresses by Vice-president Prof. Natalia Sereni, Bagni di Lucca’s very own local historian whose books on the area should be read by all those interested in our area and the excellent administrative President, Pilade Togneri. Artist events and international coordinator Morena Guarnaschelli also summed up the Borgo’s year and looked forwards to next year’s events. Her beautiful calendar, illustrated with her evocative watercolours of people from the many areas of the world she has visited, was also on sale.

It is important to give encouragement to such an organization as this which believes in making artistic events available to, and achievable by all, to break down any sort of elitism associated with cultural activities and to bring together like-minded (and non-liked minded too!) people for an exchange of ideas which can only feed Bagni di Lucca’s environment with aspirations and even greater programmes for the coming years.

For further information and details of future events do visit the Borgo degli artist’s web site at

In the meanwhile I’ll leave you with a selection of pictures taken during the convivial dinner at La Ruota restaurant which, on this occasion, served us excellently. I’m sure many will recognise distinguished local bagnaioli and, perhaps, even yourselves!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Conviviality for the Borgo degli Artisti

  1. It is good to keep the Borgo degli Artisti events active and I must say that 2014 was a very enlightening I loved all those little mini galleries that opened just for the main event with the various artists and their ouevres as well as the main event in the Casino all very colourful and bright nice to think back on cold rainy

  2. (it self printed the gremlins have got into this machine scary!)windy nights. The entertainment factor was also innovative as some of us engaged in role play which helped to create a fun atmosphere with dancing also which was enjoyed by all participants. As always the art work was varied and excellent from marble wood stone paper sculptures to various painting forms weaving stitching knitting all great fun a huge effort was made to keep this event fresh and alive!

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