Switching on The Lights

When I returned to Bagni di Lucca a couple of evenings ago I noticed that the Christmas lights were now switched on down the length of the high street. Well, not quite the whole length. There was a problem about how to display them in the Piazza in front of the Circolo dei Forestieri which the light technicians were discussing.

The Christmas crib by the fountain in front of the Circolo, however, was complete. The two large dog statues were also there and made a funny contrast with the rest of the display through their size. I’m sure that the baby Jesus is pleased to be protected by such huge hounds.

The shops have their displays too. It’s good to think that, in spite of the financially hardest Christmas most Italians will be going through this December, the lights are still shining (as they will be shining in most other places around here).

Of course, they are clearly not as spectacular as London’s shopping centre lights but the narrowness of the street and the much lower height of the Bagni di Lucca lights greatly increases their effect. Let us hope too that Bagni di Lucca will never be kept without its lights (as amazingly happened in London’s Oxford Street in the 1970’s when there were no Christmas lights due to another economic crisis).

Incidentally, in London, Regent Street was the first street to display full festive lighting. That was in 1953 after post war restrictions and rationing were lifted in Coronation year.These are the street’s lights for 2014:


These are our own humble  lights. The Christmas tree we’d been using for the past nine years just got a little too big for our house so we moved it outside and put a smaller one inside. It’s going to be our tenth Christmas in Longoio!

2 thoughts on “Switching on The Lights

  1. As a lot of people suggest that Christmas has become rather too commercial I tend to agree the whole meaning and spirit of Christmas is not there however I begin to feel the Christmas meaning once I have managed to attend one or more Carol Concerts then singing about the baby Jesus and so forth starts pointing me into the right direction of the true meaning of Christmas I think that many other people think in the same way as I do. In Greenwich furthermore the Advent Calendar actually becomes alive as shops participate in this wonderous event with their amazing religious displays which open daily just like the Advent Calendar I should obtain some photos to show how amazing this can be it is also different every year. It is also such fun as you go down memory lane to your childhood with the eternal Christmas Carols which are tried and tested and always so very sucessful at any age of ones life!

  2. Thank you for the lovely pictures of BDL and Longoio; very festive. I have’nt been to Lucca in the winter for a couple of years, but have fond memories of the skating ring and market stalls.
    To be honest, I would’nt mind being in Italy right now, just for the food if nothing else.

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