Towards Petra

We left Aqaba around lunchtime for Petra. The landscape was, as usual, quite stunning and climbing high on the king’s highway the views became ever more spectacular.

Our hotel was more than satisfactory and we settled in well to join up later for a trip to a Bedouin camp where we ate splendidly on lamb and vegetables. The method of cooking the meat was interesting since it involved burying the pot below ground and building a fire round it when smouldering into embers was covered with earth and cooked slowly for around six hours.

This was truly slow food on a grand scale. We ate against a backcloth of giant cliffs tinged with the rays of a full moon and inside a camel haired tent.

Again an oud player supplied traditional music.

Suddenly we heard the patterning of soft rain and the effect of this in our desert surroundings was quite magical.

We returned early from our feast as tomorrow morning we have an early start to visit that highlight of our adventure in Jordan, Petra.

1 thought on “Towards Petra

  1. In fact we are being thanked for the rain it has only mainly been raining in the evenings so has not marred our stay in fact a lot of desert bulbs have been sprouting and actually blooming the greenery here is rather sparse though few trees but today we were pleasantly surprised on finally seeing cultivated areas with olive pomegranate eucalyptus pistachio trees a most wonderous sight! Jordan is a country to which you. Need to return to several times you will never tire of the magical people colours food historical sights!

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