three cheers for the two foscari

I due foscari (with libretto after Byron’s work) doesn’t immediately spring to mind as a must-see Verdi opera but when a great singer like Placido Domingo plays a leading role in it and speaks lovingly about the work the lion of busseto wrote after the great success of ernani (but well before that immortal “trilogy” which includes Traviata) then tickets must be obtained short of murder.

Thanks to Sandra’s efforts I was witness to one of the garden’s great Verdi evenings and found the two foscari full not just of splendid music but of superb singing with a no longer young Placido in especially good form. The cabalettas were energetically rhythmical, the Romanzas heart-melting, with a charming gondoliers’ ballad, and the duets and trios, often joined in by the chorus, psychologically looking forwards to the maestro’s future masterpieces, some of the best he’d penned.

I just couldn’t understand how such a fine opera could have been produced so rarely!

I take my hat off (if I wore one) to a supreme opera evening!Foscari_3073981b


One thought on “three cheers for the two foscari

  1. It was certainly not easy to purchase tickets rather late in the month for the penultimate performance especially with the leading role being that of the world famous Placido Domingo what a most amazing evening and I owe my thanks to the conference conversation that I attended on I Due Foscari which alerted me to this rarely performed opera by Giuseppe Verdi.

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