Rembrandt’s light

One of the best reasons for being in London now is that there is one of the most moving and wonderful exhibitions to be seen there. It’s the national gallery’s late Rembrandt display of this greatest of painter’s works which he completed towards the end of his life when not only was he living in straightened circumstances but also had to witness the death of his beloved Saskia and even his son, Titus. There are few paintings in this world which can convey so much psychology about the sitters and do so with a miraculous technique which looks forwards to our own times, especially with the use of the palette knife.

The drawings and etchings should not be forgotten, interspersed among the canvases. It’s truly possible to get close to them and admire their fine details and techniques.

I could not have missed this show for all the gold in Peru and booked it on line from where I live in Italy. It’s the only way one can be sure of meeting some of the subtlest examples of portraiture, of humanity in all its aspirations and rejections one is ever likely to see anywhere in the world during one’s own lifetime.

 rembrandt.1661 (1)

And the light and texture of Rembrandt’s palette … it’s simply godlike!


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