Whiskey and Soda

Sam Stych, the world’s leading authority on Boccaccio bibliography, at ninety eight is still hale and hearty and living in Bagni di Lucca, despite the usual hazards of anyone approaching their centenary i.e. poor eyesight, lack of mobility and increasing deafness.

I was delighted to get a phone call from Sam yesterday to tell me that he’d received a quite unexpected visit from the daughter of his old school friend! That should take one back…

How did this happen? Through the daughter reading my blog, it seems. She’d made the connection via my post on Ian Greenlees and was so amazed to find that Sam was still alive that she immediately journeyed to see him, even though the last time she’d met him was as a little girl over forty years ago.

That for me is enough reason to write a blog – quite apart from having something “sensational” to read (or at best nostalgic) when I, too, reach my dotage. If a blog gets people together of like minds and resuscitates friendships then that is the best reason I  know to carry on writing it.

Whiskey, Sam’s replacement kitten which we found as a rescue item, is growing up to be quite a character and fully deserves his second appellation “soda”.

Here are some pictures of Sam and whiskey the day. I’m sure that Carol would have been delighted to know that Sam still has a feline companion ready to amuse him during his lonely moments.


5 thoughts on “Whiskey and Soda

  1. This is a lovely post but it left me doing a few sums along the way about a young girl forty years ago who was a daughter of someone who was a friend of a man who was already pretty old.

  2. It was certainly a happy ending for a couple of orphaned kittens Whiskey and Cheeky Francis and I now have a family of cats who were orphans they amazingly all get on very happily. I am really truly happy that Sams Whiskey is becoming such a good companion during those quiet moments. Whiskey is not a substitute to Alessio the former cat companion and we truly hope that Whiskey will be instrumental in helping Sam to reach his 100th Birthday! Well an amazing outcome due to this blog and I am glad that a blog can have such interesting results it is such an unprecedented form of writing that can be used in such diverse ways.

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