Ulivi Mark Two

What do you do if, when in your allotment, you try to start a portable water pump by pulling the handle on the chord, the handle falls off and the chord becomes inextricably tangled? Despair?

For all our horticultural mechanical gadgets we’ve availed ourselves of a place called Ulivi Garden which is on the road towards Gallicano, just beyond the bridge at Calavorno.

This place has supplied us with a petrol lawn mower, a bush cutter, that portable pump and, more recently, a small rotivator.

If anyone had gone past the old Ulivi which existed on the right hand side of the road until October 2014 they would not have been unduly impressed by the facilities offered. The workshop was a botched-up shed of corrugated iron, wood and polythene and the so-called “showroom” was equally not much of a show.

Imagine my delight when the new premises (which are now on the left hand side of the road) opened in time for that object of desire, the rotivator. The staff continues to be helpful and informed but now they work in semi-palatial surroundings when compared with the old dingy premises. Workshop and service is on the ground floor and on the first floor there is a showroom which would bring cries of delight to anyone interested in the good life!

I visited the new premises to get that handle fixed late on Saturday morning. It closes in the afternoon but I didn’t have to wait until Monday, The job was done on the spot by the boss himself and at a very reasonable rate.

I’d gone to Ulivi to get an urgent job done and didn’t realise that a post could have been made out of it until the last moment. Next time I’ll take a picture of the helpful Ulivi himself…

Meanwhile enjoy the Ulivi new premises inauguration video at:

The web site, which is still under construction but which shows essential details, is at


It’s great when, in spite of Italy’s depressing economic situation and the continuous news of failure of so many large and small businesses, someone has the confidence to invest and please both employees and customers – adding a typical Italian artistic flair to it all!

06292014 038




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